Residential, commercial, institutional, hospitals, schools, colleges, complexes forms an integral part of society. And to keep it an integral part of society for its design life, SAFE ensures to provide life to building designs with blend of technology and art. SAFE Team works towards providing solution that optimize all aspects related to building design with sustainable solutions. We are open for delivering on turn key aspect & customized specialized service for providing SAFE building. Our Services for various forms of building design includes:

  • Architectural planning
  • Structural analysis and design of Concrete and steel structures
  • Seismic analysis and design
  • Geotechnical investigation review and Foundation design
  • Seismic evaluation and retrofitting measures
  • Damage assessment and refurbishment measures
  • Building Information Modelling using Autodesk platform i.e. Revit – Architecture, Structural and MEP
  • Preparation of bar bending schedules, estimations.