Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. This is actual definition of KB with respect to its use in IT industry. KB forms the intellectual database to form an Expert system.

SAFE's analogy for KB is similar to its actual meaning. We want to create a Structured and unstructured information database by Knowledge sharing activities to form an Expert system.

Under this platform, we are open in sharing our knowledge base with the world and welcome similar approach from the Experts in the field to form the overall system an Expert system.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. We believe in sharing the same with the young technocrats and wish, we get the same from the experts. The whole idea about sharing the knowledge base is to interact through this medium and create a healthy environment, wherein knowledge is the platform and everyone is a student. However, knowledge is earned with discipline and hard work and we believe to share the same to students & young engineers, but with some task assigned to them. This will help them to earn the knowledge and value that knowledge. We hope for a great association from related students, engineers, technocrats, experts by writing to us on regarding any activities they wish to perform through this platform.