Formulation, calculation and converting into drawings is straight forward approach. SAFE's approach towards a project is holistic approach. We put value to our work, to provide value to our clients. We put our soul in our designs to ensure the same emotions are transferred through each masterpiece we create.

We study the works done by ancestors in past, learn from the stalwarts of today and bring our vision for tomorrow from adopting future trends like sustainable design approach, Building Information modelling, Environmental sensitivity.

Our preparation and practice of today will provide us a lead in tomorrow. To achieve the same, we invest in today by supporting and exploring research and development and involve future trends in our adoptions. We are open to evolve and adapt and this culture helps us to recreate spirit of leader within our group.

We want to ensure with our approach and vision, to leave footprints of our legacy for generations to come.


The term Success for us is taking together our client satisfaction, through support of our team and their contentment, which serves the purpose responsibly for the society and the country. We aim to achieve following:

  • - To achieve client appraisal with Value Engineering
  • - Ensuring Ethical Business ideology
  • - To sustain environment with our Sustainability Footprints
  • - Demonstrating and updating excellence with Knowledge Sharing & Research Management (KS&RM)
  • - To sustain "Art and Heritage of Engineering" with our association with young trainee engineers
  • - To define our class and brilliance with Quality Assurance Program (QAP)