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This is the actual definition of KB about its application in the information technology industry. Knowledge bases (KB) serve as the intellectual database for forming expert systems.

The analogy that SAFE provides for KB is comparable to what it means. By participating in activities promoting knowledge sharing, our ultimate goal is to develop an expert system that can access both structured and unstructured information databases.

The purpose of interacting through this medium and creating a healthy environment is central to the concept of sharing one's knowledge base. In this model, information serves as the platform, and everyone occupies the role of a learner.

However, knowledge is obtained through self-discipline and persistent effort, and we believe that it should be shared with students and young engineers in the same way, albeit with some tasks they should complete.

They will be better able to value the knowledge they have earned due to this. We would appreciate it very much if any interested students, engineers, technocrats, or other professionals would contact us at touch@safe-cons.com and let us know what kinds of activities they would like to carry out using this platform.