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In 2006, we began our journey into the exciting world of consulting, bringing with us a background in structural engineering as our primary set of skills. We shaped and enhanced our skill set and team by working on a variety of projects. At the same time, we gradually built up additional skill sets to broaden our spectrum. Our dedicated and positive approach to our work has earned a reputation for providing customers with the best possible solutions.

Our reputation precedes for delivering optimal solutions with an innovative and philosophical approach. We have always been appreciated as a team of 'problem solving engineers'. It gives us immense pride to have a team ideology as "Providing Engineering Solutions".

Our ideology helps us achieve absolute client satisfaction, by a result-driven approach. Our resolutions benefits the associates to work with a simple pattern and justify the value of project.


Our vision is to ensure we establish ourselves in diversified areas, to address global issues and be a part of overcoming the same. With Safe Consultants being a parent company and brand, we intend to grow and create our legacy with following verticals.

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SAFE Architecture – Shaping forms creativelyDedicated for Architectural Design, Planning and Development, Sustainability.

SAFE BIM – Evolving Information SafelyDedicated for implementing Building Information Modelling and use in project processes.

SAFE Construction – Creating Safe WorldDedicated for executing construction projects with sustainable footprints.

SAFE City – Planning Future Safe CitiesDedicated for Master planning of Cities and landscapes.

SAFE ESG:Governing Society EnvironfriendlyDedicated for ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) Consulting, reporting and implementation.

SAFE Water – Keeping Each drop SAFE Dedicated for Water and Wastewater Engineering.


Safe Consultants and its team is committed to adhere to ensure the following:

  • Quality of Services
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Health and Safety
  • Customer care
  • Knowledge sharing & Research Management

Our mission statement is to PERFORM, and that covers above policies.

  • PProviding Engineering Solution
  • EEthical Business
  • RResearch Management & Knowledge Sharing (KSRM)
  • FFollowing Sustainable Footprints
  • OObserving Quality Assurance
  • RResponsible Approach
  • MMission Client Satisfaction

Our commitment, awareness and approach towards each policy sensitively, helps us to achieve our mission. We continually research, analyse, innovate, recreate, use best practices, future trends and combine this knowledge to inform and inspire our designs, and our services.

It is the duty of each individual of our team to follow these policies for achieving our vision.

Our Way of Thinking

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Structural Anatomy Functioning Engineering - is what SAFE constitutes of. Not only do we at SAFE work on the scientific principles that underpin engineering and architecture, but we also add a dash of artistic flair. The ability to create works of art is a skill that can be developed through study and deliberate practice.

‘Do as if you had never done it before’ - this sparks a passion within us for working in a more curious way.

The state-of-the-art designs that we have come up with highlight the sense that we have a skill that extends beyond the confines of precise logic. We are constantly conducting research and analysis, as well as innovating and recreating, best practices, and future trends, and we use this information to inform and inspire the designs that we create.

‘Do as if you are doing for the last time’ - bring forth all our expertise and skillset to achieve the best.

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